This is the first official post of House of  As we all know starting something new is both exciting and terrifying.  I have been tinkering and learning how to put this together for a couple months now.  It has been fun and frustrating. There’s nothing like trying something new to make you feel equal parts dumb and smart. I am not the most tech savvy person so I had my days when nothing sunk in(aka hitting my head against a brick/blank wall) and others where it suddenly went pop, ampoule I get it!  I’m still along way form being tech savvy, find but at least now I understand the tech part, here kinda.  In other words, this is a work in progress.   We have been posting our adventures on Facebook and some of these may look familiar.  I wanted to put up pictures that were familiar and add a little story.  There are many more to come so stay tuned!!!!  I hope you’ll enjoy what we are doing and will participate. We strongly encourage comments, recipes and stories of adventures, maybe even a picture.  This blog is designed for all to participate.  So without further ado, I bring you…………….the House of Zeta!!!!!

This last winter was again try something new.  So, salve
we made meat pies, online
pasta, viagra 60mg
stuffed bell peppers,  limoncello (so easy), Jason perfected his pizza dough and we canned everything we could.  We even made some  bacon ice cream, in winter, I know!  The year before was all about beer, and we are still drinking it(more on that in later post).  So this last winter we focused on many different things.  These pictures are some highlights of what we were up to.