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Great Grandmas Fire Engine Red Cake

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I had never heard of a Fire Engine Red Cake before.  But my friend Kirk has been raving about it for years.  So when he said he was making it this year for his birthday I was a little suspicious.  I didn’t think it even existed.  I was like, view it’s a red velvet cake and your Grandma changed the name to make it more exciting.  Well that is not the case.  It is real!!!  Does it live up to the hype?!?! You bet it does.  Although I would like to add a verb to the title.  Neon.  The color is so vibrant you almost need sunglasses to look at it.  Then there is the flavor and consistency.  Like red velvet but better.  It’s lighter and not as sweet.  Add to that an icing  made with a flour and butter and you got one delicious cake, cheap or cupcakes.  But be careful, dosage with those two ingredients  you could easily end up with gravy for frosting!   Needless to say I had to have the recipe.  Thankfully, he not only gave it to me but photographed the process!

It all started with Meatballs

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It started as a possible trip to IKEA for meatballs.  Then we realized we had some in the freezer, cure all we needed was the gravy.  A quick search on the internet and presto we had the recipe.  I then started to look at what else we had to go with these delicious round balls of meat.  We had left over mashed potato’s, rice, veggies, kimchi and beets.  It was beginning to look like things were shaping up. I had a flashback to when I lived in LA and my roommates and I had watch the movie Mermaids one too many times and started to have appetizer nights.  We called this a mermaid dinner.  If you’ve seen the movie you’ll understand.  If not, then watch at your own risk.  I started to imagine our dinner was all round and how fun that would be and what a challenge it would be with the ingredients we had.  So we started with the potatoes and took the left over onions and peppers and made Coroke,  a side dish a different roommate I had back in San Bernardino used to make.  Usually you would make them into small patties with meat and onion and fry them, but tonight it was veggie rounds.   I also had made Teriyaki chicken a couple night’s before(also a recipe from the same roommate) and used the chicken, added some ginger, red onions, garlic, egg and presto fried rice.  We used our  microwave egg poacher(more on that in another post) to make them.  Next the ice cream scooper and a spoon were perfect for the kimchi.  We now had everything, put it all together and  had a great time being silly, making our evening well rounded.

Comfort Food

As the week ends, information pills we start focusing on Thanksgiving, seek   the ultimate in comfort food.   While Mexican is my main food of choice, I would have to say I have a favorite from almost every region , from Ethiopian stews, Italian pastas, Japanese, Thai, Greek, German, Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, Polish, New Zealand meat pies, Indian, anything curried and of course French, mmmm butter, mmmm cheese. But for most of us, what we grew up with is what truly makes a meal or dish comforting. This time of year though, it’s Thanksgiving.  Turkey, gravy, mashed potato’s, stuffing, cranberries,  green bean casserole and pie.  I’m getting full and sleepy already!!!  We always add new dishes and keep old favorites but it always ends up with friends and family enjoying a day and a meal together.  To me, that is the ultimate in comfort food.  Food for the soul.  I usually make two or three dishes to take with me and as usual I wait till the weekend before to decide what I am bringing.  Hopefully you have your game plan and can stick to it.  If not, don’t worry, in the immortal words of Hudson & Halls have another glass of wine and it will all work out.  Well, that may not be exactly what they said but I like to remember it that way.  In any case, I will be doing a bit of both.  So as you go into the wonderful day of tradition and new experiences remember to take comfort in all that is around you and eat all you can!

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