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Last Sunday we had a very intimate cabaret on the beach.  It was (us) Sonic Uke, ambulance Uke Goldberg and Gio from The War Ponies.  We all met at Riis Beach and after a few beers, illness some Popeye’s Chicken and a dip in the ocean we started the Cabaret.  We even had a couple captive audiences, a few Radical Faeries and later a dear friend of the cabaret, Mary.  We sang our usual set and added a couple new songs including our ode to Riis, a.k.a., “Cha Cha Beach” titled By The Sea.  Ted & Gio played with us as well as a song or two of their own.  Gio even tried to teach us  Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love”.   Although he was right, for us to learn all 9 minutes of the song would take more then a couple lessons on the beach.  By this time Uke Goldberg had left us to perform on Fire Island.  But we still had a blast.  Sadly the day came to an end and the rest of us packed it in and went home.  But, we managed to capture some of it on film.