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Spam Musubi on the Beach!

Our last blog was about Beach Pizza.   This one is about the other lunch we had while camping.  Spam Musubi.   What is Spam Musubi?  It’s kinda like sushi.  You basically take sushi rice, information pills Spam and wrap it up in Nori Seaweed(the kind used for sushi).  Simple right?  It’s also fun to make.   Of course you can add extra ingredients just for fun.   We thought it was time to challenge ourselves and try new recipes for our camping trips and this is one of them.  It worked out so well it has become a staple in our lunches.

Spam Musubi
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2-4
This usually makes 9 Musubi's
  • 1 can of Spam
  • 1 package of Sushi Nori
  • 4 cups sushi rice
  • 6 cups water
  • Plum vinegar
  • Rice seasoning
  • *special item- Musubi Maker
  1. Make rice according to directions
  2. Slice Spam lengthwise
  3. You can get about ten slices out of a can
  4. Fry Spam for a couple minutes on each side till it gets a little crispy
  5. Put them on a plate to cool when done
  6. When rice is done let it cool
  7. Heat a dry frying pan for Nori
  8. When hot, Use tongs to heat nori on both sides till it starts to get bright green
  9. About 30 seconds on both sides or till its a little flexible.
  10. Don't over cook or it will be no good
  11. Grab Musubi maker
  12. Lay the Nori on a plate
  13. Place maker in the middle of the Nori
  14. Using your hands add some rice(about the size of a large meatball) inside the maker.
  15. Evenly spread it out
  16. You can use more if you like
  17. Press rice down
  18. Drizzle some plum vinegar
  19. Add a slice of Spam
  20. Sprinkle a little rice seasoning
  21. Add more rice on top
  22. Press rice and Spam down
  23. Slide Musubi maker up an away
  24. Wrap the seaweed around and use water to seal
  25. Lay them seal side down
  26. Put in container or zip lock bag and refrigerate
  27. Now you have perfect camping lunch
This works best with a Spam Musubi press. You can get them for less than $10 on Amazon or Some people use soy sauce, we used plum vinegar.


Spam Musubi  Spam Musubi



Beach Camping!!!

Beach Pizza
Cuisine: Outdoor
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
Adapted from when we were camping. We used leftovers but you can make it at home with a frying pan or a frying pan on your electric grill. I prefer cast iron.
  • 8 sandwich rolls
  • 1 Hot Salami or hard cured meat of your choice
  • 1 package of Campari tomatoes
  • 8 oz of Irish cheddar cheese
  1. Cut rolls in half lengthwise.
  2. Cut tomatoes in half, ask set aside
  3. Slice cheese, advice set aside
  4. Slice salami and set aside
  5. Put 4 slices of salami in pan or on grill
  6. Cook for a minute or two on each side
  7. Put 4 tomatoes in same pan or on grill skin side up
  8. Cook for about a minute
  9. Turn tomatoes over
  10. Cluster tomatoes and salami together with a couple slices of cheese
  11. Cook for a couple minutes, capsule cheese should just start to melt
  12. Put half of a roll on top and cover for a minute or two till cheese melts
  13. Take spatula and remove from grill or pan and plate bread side down.
  14. Do not smash tomatoes, as the juice is key to keeping sandwich from being dry
  15. Careful this can be a bit messy
  16. So you may have to scoop melted cheese that tries to slip away
  17. Serve immediately.
  18. If you have a big enough pan or grill you can do more then one at at time
  19. Just be careful to keep ingredients in separate clusters for each roll
You can add some fresh cut Basil on top at the end or some hot sauce, Kalamata olives, or thin sliced red onions.



Beach camping has finally arrived.   A little late, but it is here and we are so excited!!!  Here are a few pics from our little adventure.  Hope you like them.  And for those of you who want to know.  Our first night, we had salmon steaks, asparagus and mashed potatoes for dinner.   Our second day, breakfast was scrambled eggs, bacon and new red potatoes boiled in sea water.  Lunch we had Spam musubi, dinner was vegetable chilli that we added hot salami to, with a side of grilled corn and for desert, Jello chocolate pudding cups!!!    Our last day if we have any leftovers we incorporate them into the meals.  Breakfast was the usual eggs and bacon but with mashed potato’s.  For lunch we had grilled cheese with cucumber and cherry tomato sandwiches.  But, since we had left over salami…………  Jason grilled the salami and cherry tomatoes, put some cheese and bread on top for amazing upside down grilled sandwiches!!  Of course he was nice enough to turn them right side up when it was time to eat – just like mini beach pizzas !

With our first camping excursion over we look forward to the next.  So until then we will post more of what summer in NYC is all about.

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