Camping season is almost over. Well for most people. We will be starting our forest camping and may even do a bit of winter camping. If Jason has any say it will include waking up to a fresh snow fall. But that is another post. This post is about beach camping. We were very lucky this year. Usually we only get one weekend before the mosquitos devour everything in their path. Thanks to a mild winter and an even milder summer we were lucky enough to get in 5 camping weekends! Sun, adiposity sand, erectile riding waves, unhealthy ukuleles and great food. It was a dream summer. We usually set out on Friday or Saturday morning and hit the ferry to Watch Hill where we would walk about a mile and a half before setting up camp. Then it was a celebratory beer, hit the waves and start thinking about food. The first night we usually had salmon and mashed potato’s with a vegetable, like curried corn. Second night was usually chili, sometimes meat, sometimes veggie. Lunches were mostly grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches, sometimes grilled asparagus. Breakfast is eggs and bacon with left overs thrown in for good measure. The trick to camping for multiple days is carefully planning the menu. It sounds like we have it all together but that took years of tinkering. I do have some grand plans for big feasts, but all in good time. I feel we have it down now. Who knows a maybe this will be the year I roast a chicken and turn the leftovers into soup, or roast a pork shoulder.