What is a Beer-rita?  Well if you believe the commercial hype, treatment it’s any wanna be mexican beer in a margarita.  But for us it’s our chili beer mixed with margaritas.  It sounds crazy, I know, and isn’t for the lighthearted.   We started this last year and it was a huge hit.  Most of our friends loved it and few hated it, but all were glad we made it.  What we didn’t know is we found the perfect way to use this beer.  We were having a bbq and a couple of our guests wanted one, but were on our last bottle.  What to do?  Well being us and our friends being as adventurous, we decided to put it in the margaritas we were making.  Kick it up a notch.  Well to say it was a hit is an understatement.  That pitcher of margaritas didn’t stand a chance!  I know it sounds weird, and it’s not the most attractive drink, but it worked and really well.  The spice and bubbles gave the margaritas  just the right amount of zing and cut the sweet enough to make it refreshing.  Now cut to a year later and bam!  We have more chili beer!!!  So when you come over to the roof top there will be a pitcher of Beer-ritas waiting for you.  For as long as they last.

But if you can’t make it over, or don’t want to make the chili beer from scratch then try adding a chopped jalapeno , that has been soaking in the juice of one lime or lemon for about 10 minutes(brings out the heat in the pepper) and one dark Mexican beer, like Negro Modelo.  This is per pitcher.   It may not be as exact as ours but you get the spice and bubbles that really make this a great summer drink.

Now if your like us and you make your margaritas from scratch, you might want adjust as needed or to your taste.