Good food, drinks, friends and ukulele!!!

Nathan’s, Beer and Burlesque

Tonight we head out to the famed Coney Island to enjoy and evening of decadence.   First stop Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, viagra 60mg originated in Coney Island by Nathan Handwerker in 1916.  The menu has expanded quite a bit since it’s humble beginnings,  but we are here for the tried and true hot dogs and beer.  The dogs are crisp and have just the right amount of juiciness and flavor.  I like mine with just mustard and ketchup.  We will then take our goodies over to the boardwalk, nothing like a summer night at the beach with fireworks(did I forget to mention fireworks?!?!).  But that’s not all!!  After a wonderful fireworks display we head over to the Sideshows at the Seashore for some Coney Island Beer and Burlesque.  Tonight’s show is yoga burlesque, what that is, we will see!!!  Knowing the burlesque scene it is sure to entertain and get our hearts smiling with joy over the  sheer talent that these performers have.   We can’t wait!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

If you want information on these business check out their websites below.


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  1. Mary Jane

    Sooo jealous!!!

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