On our trip to P-town we had a couple things on our minds, mind Lobster Rolls and Mystic Pizza.  While we played our ukulele gig at WOMR and ate Wellfleet oysters, which are amazing and if and when you make your trek to P-Town we highly recommend getting a half dozen or two.  The Squealing Pig  http://www.squealingpigptown.com/   is our top choice,  make sure to pair it with their Smoky Seafood Chowder.  Our quest for  a great place to get our lobster on, came in the form of The Red Shack.  With big chunks of lobster, avocado, tomato, a leaf of lettuce and simple seasonings, it was the clear winner, hands down.  The second place price went to a little unassuming place called The Fish Market that was recommended to us.  There are many places along the Cape to get one but these were the ones that really made us want more.  Special mention goes out to the Box Lunch, http://www.boxlunch.com/.


Our next obsession led us to the famed Mystic Pizza http://www.mysticpizza.com/ in Mystic Connecticut.  Julia Roberts may have made it famous, but the proof of why this place is so popular is in the sauce and the care they take in making a great pie.  We went with the house special which had sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, green bell pepper, onion and mushrooms and a classic Hawaiian pie.  They were perfectly cooked, the crust was buttery with just the right crunch and the sauce was worth all the hoopla, sweet with just a hint of spice.  The portions and flavors worked well together, you weren’t left with too much or too little of anything.  If you opt out of the dining room or take out counter, make sure you take your pie or slice to the Mystic River Bascule Bridge, built in 1920 and enjoy a gorgeous view of the harbor.  And for special treat be kind to the bridge captain and they may let you up in the tower to see and amazing view and a little history lesson.  The bridge tower will be replaced by a new one next year so get there and see it while you can.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystic_River_Bascule_Bridge   With our bellies full, the warm Mystic hospitality and memories we got back in our car and happily made our way back to the great big city.