It’s been a while since I’ve been in the food industry.  I had forgotten how it can be.  Intense, more about Exciting, exhausting all at the same time.  My next career step was to continue in the opposite direction, which was a corner office working  M-F.  I am not opposed to that or have totally given up on it.  Of course my idea of an office job be would be working for a food magazine or food channel.   But have found myself standing behind a counter making coffee and selling pies.   Which will eventually lead to running a food truck.   This is where the real challenge comes in.  I have bar backed, tended bar, waited tables and bussed them as well.  I have worked the gamut of fast food.  The worst is the drive thru window.  It takes nerves of steal to put up with the people that come through there.  Maybe that’s why fast food is really for the young who can bounce back after 20 irate customers in a row.    Thankfully the service I am now providing has a pleasant clientele.  It’s not fast food, although it is fast.  The pies are flash frozen and delivered to us and we cook them and serve them.  The coffee is espresso based.  Which means I get to make you a nice cappuccino or flat white.   This is for the person who wants to stop say hi, have a conversation and not just grab and go.  Of course some people are happy to not stay and talk, which is also fine, but we are not McDonald’s, you don’t get it in 30 seconds.  To me this is key.  It will be interesting to see how this translate to a pie truck.  I suspect it will be faster pace then the shop and our clientele wont hang around for too long.  Most will be going to work, getting lunch or possible late night snack.  All of this is good.   In a way it will be like Bartending again.  But instead of cocktails it will be coffee and pies.  Not a bad gig to have.  So the next time your craving coffee and pie, I will gladly serve you.  I sound just like Flo from Alice!  But don’t expect me to tell you to  “kiss my grits!” Unless you want me to!