Another trip to the wonderful Dollywood.  This was a true whirl wind tour.  We arrived in Tennessee at 10:30 am on Saturday (via Chicago) and then drove to Pigeon Forge, stopping at a few thrift stores along the way.  Our first night we found Old Smokey Moonshine and after a nice dinner, we had a moonshine tasting.  That’s all I need to say.  Next morning was Dollywood!  Thankfully the weather was on our side and during the day we hit one of our usual spots, the Grist Mill for some giant cinnamon loaf, did some pre scouting for souvenirs and in between we hit the roller coasters.  We had planned on actually eating a real meal, but as the day went on it was all about the snacks, like a giant corn dog big enough for two.   By night time, anything that stands still is covered in lights.  There’s even a Christmas themed light show.  After riding the roller coasters multiple times(Wild Eagle our favorite), a special Christmas show with a hologram Dolly as the ghost of Christmas past, and a few other attractions we hadn’t seen before, it was time to get our shopping on.  As usual it was a mad dash before the park closed, and as usual we still didn’t see it all!  On Monday morning with our Dollywood hangovers, we managed to make it to quite a few thrift stores.  Not all were gems, but then again, we only made it through half our list and as far as Knoxville. With our bags overflowing from souvenirs and thrift store finds, we flew back home dreaming, and a little spinning, thanks to the multiple cocktails our wonderful stewardess bestowed upon us, of our next Dollywood trip.