visit this Indian Carrots & Bean Salad” src=”×109.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”109″ />Sides.  Who doesn’t love a good side dish!?!  I’m talking about food, get your mind out of the gutter! although there are some human dishes that look good enough to eat!  To continue with our theme this week, we are going to talk about bbq side dishes.  Depending on our mood or if we are in a heat wave will determine if they will be hot, cold, one or the other or both.  There are times when I prefer them to the main and will sit down and fill my plate up.  We have made all kinds this year, corn salad, cole slaw, potato salad(3 different ways), grilled Indian carrots, curried corn, grilled veggies, sweet potato mash with smoked paprika, garlic mashed potatoes and on and on.  It’s amazing how much we will put into a meal and if your like us(chances are if your reading this you are) cooking is just a pleasurable as eating.  Sides can be a great way to entertain, our friends are always wanting to help us.  Sometimes their more important then the main dish.  Without them you would just have chicken or a steak or whatever meat your cooking.  The point is, a side dish can make a meal.  So while you slave away making the big rack of ribs, or that pork shoulder don’t forget your best friend the side dish, you and your guest will be more then grateful.  They may even want seconds!