As we close out BBQ week we wanted to leave you with something else to nibble on.  What to do for before and after the main meal.  I am not a big sweets person so lets talk appetizers!!! I have many favorites that I like to make over and over again and thankfully so do my guests.  If you come over for a bbq chances are you will get one or more of these, remedy Deviled Eggs, store Pico De Gallo, viagra dosage Guacamole, or Ceviche.  These are my staple bqq appetizers, they are easy to make and disappear fast.   When it comes to cooking outside I like things that don’t take too much time, effort or heat up the apartment.     This is also a good time to bust out that Kimchi that’s sitting in the fridge or anything you have been saving in your canning  pantry.   For us we have Spicy Garlic, Chile Peppers, Indian Carrots, even Ketchup, which is a must if your having hamburgers or hot dogs.  There is also nothing wrong with cheese and crackers or veggies and dip.  One of my guilty pleasures is ranch dip and ruffles.  It’s the ultimate in lazy but it’s sooo good.  So you may not always have time to make stuffed tomatoes, pate, dumplings, or heat the fryer for chicken wings, that doesn’t mean you can’t make great easy appetizers for your guests.  But, every once in a while go crazy and challenge yourself, you and your guest will be glad you did.

Once you fed the troops all that savory goodness, it’s time to move onto desserts.  As I said before, I’m not much of a sweets person, but, homemade ice cream has started to win me over.  We made all kinds this last winter and into early summer.  Lemon Sherbet, Coffee, Pink Peppercorn and Vodka, Whiskey Molasses, Ginger and my personal favorite, Bacon and Vanilla, which went swimmingly with our canned Peaches.  Usually we are too stuffed to get to dessert to be perfectly honest, but homemade ice cream is something worth making room for.  In fact I haven’t even bought any ice cream since we started making it.  Our next venture will be Gin and Tonic Ice Cream and Popsicles, can’t wait!!  Stay tuned and we will tell you all about how they turned out.  And if your lucky we may even share the recipes.  Till next time, happy BBQ-ing!!

*remember if you want any recipe we talk about here or any post on the blog,  just ask and we will be glad to give it to you.*